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Meet the Vicar

Hello and thank you for visiting our website.
My name is Mark Adams and I am the Vicar of the Beck & Trent Parishes.
I have been here since July 2016 and am enjoying life in the countryside after spending nearly nine years being a Vicar in Mansfield. It is great being part of these communities and I hope that our churches will continue to be a vibrant part of them for many years to come.

If you would like to find out more about what is going on in our churches, if you have questions about the Christian faith or would just like to chat then please get in touch. You can find my details below or if you see me walking around just say hello!


My Latest Newsletter Article

Decisions, Decisions …

As I write this in the middle of January, when people are just about still saying ‘Happy New Year’ to each other, things seem more uncertain in our nation than at anytime I can remember in my lifetime. (Though I realise that there are others older than me who lived through far more turbulent times in the 1940’s!). Nevertheless these are critical times, as our MPs debate and decide on the future direction of our relationship with the European Union. I assume that by the time this article is published that Parliament will have held its ‘meaningful vote’ and that maybe things will be a bit clearer – but it does not seem likely that this will be the end of the matter, there will many important decisions still to come.

In December last year the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, published this prayer when it was expected that the vote would take place then. I know that there are divisions over Brexit in our part of Nottinghamshire as there are over the whole country and I do not want to add to them. So I offer this here in the hope that, whatever side of the Brexit debate we are on, we can hold in our thoughts and (if you do) prayers all those who have to make critical decisions about out future, especially our own MP Robert Jenrick.

God of eternal love and power,

Save our Parliamentary Democracy;

Protect the High Court of Parliament and all its members

From partiality and prejudice;

That they may walk humbly the path of kindness, justice and mercy.

Give them wisdom, insight and a concern for the common good.

The weight of their calling is too much to bear in their own strength,

Therefore we pray earnestly, Father,

send them help from your Holy Place, and be their tower of strength.

Lord, graciously hear us. Amen.

With best wishes