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Resuming services in our church buildings

Following the national “lockdowns” due to COVID-19, when we are able to resume holding services in our church buildings there will generally be one service each Sunday, rotating through the parishes in turn. For dates see here. 

We are sure you will appreciate that this has to be done with great care to ensure the safety of all involved. Therefore in accordance with current guidance each service will incorporate:

  • Strict social distancing, with 2m separation whenever possible.
  • Mandatory wearing of face coverings (for more information on this from the Church of England, please see this link)
  • Allocated seating and limited numbers. Churchwardens have assessed each building and come up with a maximum number for how many people can be seated with 2m separation between households.
  • Due to the limit on numbers we will have to operate a system of pre-booking. This is unusual to say the least, but it is the only way to safely manage capacity. We ask that those who have booked a seat arrive early enough to be checked against the list and directed to their seat before the service starts.

Please contact your churchwarden or email admin@becktrent.org.uk to book a place at a service. Please include:

  • Your name
  • Which service you would like to book a place at
  • How many members of your household you would like to book for (e.g. yourself and your spouse)

Alternatively there is a dedicated ‘bookings’ phone number:
01636 351991

All names and contact details will be recorded for track & trace. Anyone attending a service must notify the churchwarden or benefice administrator if they develop symptoms within 14 days.

Please also note:

  • Hand sanitiser/hand washing must be used when entering or leaving the building, and before and after taking communion.
  • There will be directions when inside: to enter, take a seat, move to take communion and leave.
  • There will be music but no singing (evidence suggests that singing increases the spread of respiratory droplets, thus increasing the risk of spreading coronavirus).
  • Printed service sheets will be supplied, to be disposed of or taken home and reused.
  • We plan to offer communion, in one kind (bread) only.
  • We are unable to offer refreshments and must discourage social mingling inside the building before and after the service.
  • In the buildings that have toilets, the toilets will be open but all visitors are advised that they use it at their own discretion and follow all guidance.
  • Where a collection is taken this will be in a single receptacle on the way in/out – this will be put in the safe and counted after 72 hours. Alternatively, those who wish to give a donation can still do so online at www.becktrent.org.uk/giving

We will alter or amend these requirements if necessary as the situation develops.


These will seem very strange ‘rules’ for attending a church building for worship but we are sure everyone will understand and support the need to do this with the utmost care.